Jennifer J. Winn


Hi there! You've found my personal webpage.. formerly my professional singer page. If you have a look, you'll probably figure out that I'm not doing as much of the singing thing as I used to and my professional aspirations have shifted in recent years toward my other passion, real estate. Because I still dabble in music and because I have many fond memories of my professional experiences with classical music in particular, this page really serves as a legacy page, but I may update the video links from time to time when I choose to perform. 

If you came here to learn more about me as a NJ real estate agent, I would encourage you to check out my reviews on my broker site HERE.... and yes, I'm a blonde now, not a redhead... or I should say again, it's just been a long time.

So! Enjoy I might even post random things from time to time. We'll see when the mood strikes me. 

Soprano Jennifer Winn has performed with numerous regional theater and opera companies including the Center for Contemporary Opera, Encompass New Opera Theatre, Boheme Opera NJ, Opera North, Opera Memphis, Syracuse Opera, Operafest! of New Hampshire, Des Moines Metro Opera, and Ashlawn-Highland Summer Music Festival. She has also been the recipient of several awards for her singing. As a two-time regional finalist with the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Ms. Winn had the additional honor of receiving the “Stage Presence Award.

Among her credits, Ms. Winn is particularly proud to have premiered the title role in Peter Westergaard's chamber opera Alice in Wonderland with the Center for Contemporary Opera in collaboration with Princeton University. Handling the role with supreme charisma and finesse, Jennifer earned favorable reviews in The New York Times, calling her “an appealingly childlike Alice" and commenting on her keen sense of pitch in this clever, though extremely difficult, angular vocal score. (you can also read The New York times review from the 2006 preview HERE). A video of the debut performance at Symphony Space in Manhattans was published by Albany Records and is available through them as well as on

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